Leon Humes Murdered in Belize City

There were a number of shootings over this weekend in Belize City and one person is dead as a result. 23 year old construction worker Leon Humes was vlcsnap-2013-03-19-07h39m00s4gunned down on Mahogany Street on Friday night, not far from his home on Jasmine Street. He was buying food, police say, when his assailant, whom they identify as a “dark skin” male person wearing a mask, came from the direction of Jasmine Street and fired several shots at Humes. Humes was wounded to the left cheek, with the bullet exiting out the right side of his head. He died while in treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital early Saturday, however, his family say his life could possibly have been saved had police allowed them to move him from the scene more quickly. Sister Anna Wright told PLUS News today that instead they acted in what the family believes is a most disrespectful manner:

Anna Wright – Leon Humes’ sister:
vlcsnap-2013-03-19-07h05m59s185He was there a while.  My lee brother never dead out there by the Chinee.  When we reach out there the Police, the GSU, they’re out there.  We di explain to them he no dead.  “Una can’t move ah.”  “Make we move ah.  Make we see ah.”  They don’t want nobody move ah.  They don’t want nobody touch ah.  Everybody start get frustrated, cause everybody da offer fi help, carry ah to the hospital.  They don’t want we move ah.
My ma come start crying, explain to them “my son”.  And so the ambulance come.  They make she gone a see ah, help put her ina ambulance.  We know, everybody know, ambulance no move dead body.  My brother never dead out there. And the Police never did want make we see ah or move ah, till when my ma reach there.
The way how my brother get shot, he never did make it ina the state a we see him. It coulda maybe different, if they may just allow we the time to just move ah that split seconds when we reach out there.

Wright describes her younger brother as someone was outgoing and fun, particularly with girls, and while he “hung out” on his street corner was not involved in the usual rivalries that have claimed other lives. Police are now investigating the nation’s 26th murder for 2013.

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