Levy Says Saldivar Was Guest at His House

vlcsnap-2014-08-27-08h26m39s14Earlier this month, An American couple, Don and Vanessa Blunt claimed that a home in Placencia that they sold to a client of Attorney at law Arthur Saldivar became a source of frustration for them. According to Don Blunt,  Mr Saldivar used his clout as an officer of the court to invade his Placencia home in an effort to try and force him out before the court ordered date.

Media reports claimed that the Blunts allegations included that “Police officers stormed the house along with their clients and started moving the Blunt couple’s personal belongings. He allegedly even had his posse break one of the locks of the house, which allowed him to gain entry, very much like a common thief.”

The story has caused much public discussion as Arthur Saldivar is a well known Public figure vying for Public office.

Last week, PlusNews received a call from Glen Levy, Sadivar’s Client, who granted us an interview on location at the disputed House in Placencia. He explained what happened that fateful night, and gave us a brief history of his real estate nightmare that started in January of this year. It started he said when he made a down payment to the Blunts to purchase their furnished home on the beach.

vlcsnap-2014-08-27-08h31m13s215The lawyer who fought on Glen Levy’s behalf was Senior Attorney at Law Oscar Sabido.  Mr Levy won, not one, but two appearances before the Supreme Court against the Blunts who were represented by Attorney at Law Michael Perifette. According to Glen Levy, when he went to take possession of his home, Placencia Police refused to look at the court order and instead locked him and his wife up in the Placencia Police Station.

That’s where Arthur Saldivar came into the story. Mr Saldivar secured the release of the Levy’s after getting the Police to respect the Court Order. He then drove to Placencia at nighttime and met the Levy’s outside the Placencia Home. This is where Don Blunt allegedly told the media that various acts of abuse by Mr Saldivar and his crew occurred; including taking over Blunt’s residence, using his shower and amenities and kicking back to smoke a cigar. But According to home owner, Glen Levy, Mr Saldivar only offered to stay at the home instead of Levy, because Levy and Blunt were clearly at odds in the same house, and Arthur Saldivar was the peacemaker between them. Levy says, it was Officer in Charge of Placencia Police Station, Mark Flowers, that released him that night in the company of two police officers to go back to the house.

vlcsnap-2014-08-27-08h33m28s237What about the infamous picture of Mr Saldivar and Mr Rivero smoking cigars on the verandah? Glen Levy says, no Belizean media ever contacted him to explain what really happened.

The Blunts claim that they intend to appeal the supreme court decision and media reports have stated that they also intend to file a complaint against Arthur Saldivar with the General Legal counsel.

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