Life after an accident

Life for Yanie Cu, his wife Roselia Cu, and their two small children took an unfortunate turn for the worst on August 19th., in a fatal traffic accident involving Deputy Compol Miguel Segura that left Yanie bedridden.

After spending nearly 2 months in Guatemala where he underwent multiple surgeries, Yanie Cu arrived back home on October 22nd.

He slept soundly as his wife spoke to reporters yesterday of his slow recovery.


Roselia Cu – Wife of Yanie Cu

[Translated] “Yes, he is getting better.  The doctors say he will walk again, given enough time. Right now he can’t hold on to anything to do his therapy, since his  right hand is also broken.  That makes it very difficult for him. 

If it had just been his hip and his two hands were all right, then he would have been able to do his therapy, but the thing is , his hand needs therapy and he can’t hold on with just one hand and one foot.  The swelling in his hand is reducing slowly.  The pain at the moment is still very bad, because he is still using strong medications.  But the doctors are saying that yes, he is responding to the medications, and his recovery is going slowly but surely.”  


Yanie is making steady recovery, however the expense for medications, surgery, and therapy is extremely expensive; something the family would have never been able to afford had it not been for generous donations and support of the communities of Succotz and Benque, who rallied behind Yanie and his family to assist with the expenses.

The Atlantic insurance  company has also helped in a major way to pay a lot of the bills, says Roselia Cu.


vlcsnap-2014-11-14-09h56m06s41Roselia Cu

[Translated] “I have papers to show that the insurance company has given us money, but only after I showed them all the receipts and invoices for the different medical expenses, which I am still paying with the money they gave me. 

As for the cost, sometimes when he gets a lot of pain, he puts medicine of all his four sores, and then with his bills we end up spending about two to three hundred dollars on medications a week”. 


Roselia says that a few days after the first story on Yanie was aired, the Insurance company jumped in to assist. The family is now waiting for another call from the Atlantic Insurance so that they can take Yanie to Guatemala, to receive surgery and possibly remove the metal rods from his arm.

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