Last year PlusTV collaborated with Integrity radio to Host the first ever “Light up the City Concert” in Belize City. This year the Musical event has been adopted by the Belmopan Church of the Nazarene and will be held on Saturday June 30th in Belmopan, taking pn an even bigger scope and message. We caught up with our very own Executive Director for PlusTV who is also the Pastor of Belmopan Church of the Nazarene and he told us about the International Artists that will be coming in for the Concert.

Louis Wade, Pastor: Well I’m very happy to report that we’ve just closed a deal with Stephen Murphy, Kweli Simba and Nanymous which are 3 Caribbean international artist. They will be coming in for the 30th of June. We will be having what we call Light up the City round 2; we had round 1 in Belize City last year at Zoey Ministries. This year we’re going to focus on the City of Belmopan. The Belmopan Church of the Nazarene has come on board as the primary sponsors of the Light up the City concert, and we’ll be having these 3 international artist and several local artists as well. The event is going to be held at the Belmopan UB Gymnasium which is at the University of Belize. We are inviting people from Cayo, Griga, Orange Walk, San Ignacio, Benque, from the surrounding areas join us in Belmopan on Saturday June 30th for this exciting Christian Concert.

The focus of the Light up the City Round 2″ Concert is to encourage young people to stay away from crime and drugs and to embrace the Life that God has for them. Several Christian Businesses have come together to support the event and Pastor Wade says that 2 of the International Artists have decided to Launch their Brand new Albums from Belize. This he said is unprecedented  in the Music industry for two Well know International Artists to Launch from Belize.

Louis Wade, Pastor: Well, Stephen Murphy is releasing a full album, and he’s going to release it this year from the country of Belize. I think that’s unprecedented that a Caribbean artist is actually going to release their brand new album from the country of Belize. So, Belize is going to be the first to hear the full album, to purchase the full album from Stephen Murphy, and then Kweli Simba is also releasing a full album and it’s going to be released from Belize. It’s going to be a massive Christian Event and we invite people to come. Nanamous, it’s going to be his first time in the country of Belize. 501 Genesis which is a Belizean Band is going to be releasing a single that night and a music video. We also have other artist that are going to be there. The entrance is $25 at the door, but we have $20 if you purchase the tickets in advance for adults, $10 for young people, and children come in free of cost. If churches get in touch with us in groups, I’m sure that we’ll be able to work out an agreement. I’m very grateful to the Christian community. Many Christian businesses have donated to make this event possible, and if you are a Christian business or you’re a business that is linked to positive messages. There’s a lot of crime happening right now, and we believe it’s time to light up the city. Join us in sponsorship, join us in this event, and we will be doing some streaming but just for those who have the Plus Radio Belize App, and so it’s going to be exciting. It’s coming soon.

The event is slated for Saturday June 30th and will be held in Belmopan at the UB Gymnasium. We will have more updates closer to “Light up the City -Round 2” as PlusTV is also a Sponsor.

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