A family of five, including three minors and a pregnant mother, is grateful to be alive after a lightning bolt struck their home in George Ville, Cayo last night. The entire bedroom wall on the wooden structure came toppling down after the lightning struck. The family told us that they gathered inside their living room, in fear, until the break of dawn. We took our cameras to the family’s home in George Ville, Cayo where Paul Lopez files this report.

Paul Lopez, Plus TV Reporter: A family of five in Georgeville is lucky to be alive today after a lightning bolt struck their home. Family members told us that the incident happened sometime between 7pm and 8pm last night, while they were inside their bedroom. The lightning bolt was so strong that it struck through the walls of the bedroom. According to Rosanna Andrews, the family was left temporarily deaf and blind after the incident.

Rosanna Andrews, Resident of Georgeville: Last night, the rain came down followed by thunder and lightning, while we were at home. After which the children went into their room and I went into my room, but when I heard the thundering coming in really strong and the lightning very bright, I went into their room. I sat on my daughter’s bed and they began covering themselves with the bed sheets but I sat there still. Then I was the lightning striking down the wall of the bedroom and it nearly dropped on us, but I covered them to save them. I was struck on the head and my back. I am pregnant and I am trying to help myself but like my pastor will always say ‘believe in yourself and believe in God and stay strong. All will be well’

Paul Lopez, Plus TV Reporter: Now, when you said ‘the thing’, do you mean a lightning bolt.

Rosanna Andrews, Resident of Georgeville: The thunderbolt dropped and pushed in, bursting open the walls of the house. It left us blind for like 5 to 10 minutes and in like 15 minutes we were unable to hear anything.

Paul Lopez, Plus TV Reporter: Who were those with you in the room at the time, just your children?

Rosanna Andrews, Resident of Georgeville: Myself, my son, my daughter and my sister were in the room. I had to hold them back, because they got frightened as they don’t understand what was happening. Thank God I understood and I just told them to be calm.

Paul Lopez, Plus TV Reporter: According to the mother of Andrews, she received a text message from her daughter right after the incident occurred. She said that her family grew concerned when her daughter told her that the entire family was unable to hear or see.

Consuela Flores, Mother: I received a message from my daughter and then she text me that thunderbolt just hit them in their house. She texted again asking if we’re okay, she texted again and that they cant hear, she said the whole house popped open. I told them that dad said for Albert to go by Mr. Westby as soon as he could. We were texting and she said they couldn’t hear, and then we started to worry about how they are doing because I didn’t experience that in my 39 years of life. SO I was thinking about them.

Paul Lopez, Plus TV Reporter: IS there some sort of relief in you and your family knowing everyone is okay even though the house has been damaged.

Consuela Flores, Mother: Well we thank God they are alive, we were praying for them because they told us that they couldn’t hear and we wanted to know if they would be deaf for life or something like that.

Paul Lopez, Plus TV Reporter: At this moment the family is salvaging whatever damaged material is left in order to rebuild their home before the rain continues. They are appealing for public assistance.

As you heard, the family can be contacted at the number 6221396 or 6527954 if anyone would like to offer assistance.

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