Lion’s Den gym hosted an eight-match boxing event

The Lion’s Den gym is hosting an eight-match boxing card featuring Belizean and Guatemalan amateur pugilists. We spoke to trainer and event promoter Clinton Tucker for details.

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-15h26m49s91Mr. Clinton Tucker- Trainer and Promoter

“Ca’ da eight bouts we have , no?   Actually, da wah tournament, but we want to do it as an exhibition can’t go ’ back to mellow, so we got to bring it back!   So, we got eight bouts coming up, demonstrate, seven year old, e entirely older now, first fight!


Reporter:  “Okay, so, who, location, time”…

Mr. Clinton Tucker:   “Welcome Center, San Ignacio, at 6:30 e start, no?   Make sure everybody be sharp because you might miss out something, because this will be really exciting anjd we’re putting  a lot of work for this one”.

Reporter:  “Okay, now I understand you will be fighting against Guatemalan boxers”.

Mr. Clinton Tucker:   “Yeah, we have Guatemalan boxers from Peten, we doing a medalist too, guys weh compete, so, we need the combination so, mek we know that dem guys do the rhyme too, no?  So, we have four guys from Guatemala.  They might be five, you should come out and see some nice fights, interesting”.  

Two of Tucker’s protegees, Alex Neal and Warren Davis, will both appear on the card. Alex Neal has some experience and says his opponent needs to watch out for him.

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-15h27m09s19Mr. Alex Neal- Boxing Fighter

“Well, I no ah underestimate anybody, you know, but I work hard the same as how dem work hard and even harder because we need too exposure, we need fuh come out.   So, fih me,I have to put my effort and everything eenah this.   Dehn don deh up deh, sorry fuh put them down back, you know?   So, I, I…”

Reporter:   “You climb up pahn top ah dem?”

Mr. Alex Neal:   “I have to climb up pahn each and everyone ah dem and line up each one ah dehng  like wah hill!”

Warren Davis is making his ring debut, but he sounded exciting and ready to fight.

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-15h27m26s207Mr. Warren Davis- Up and Coming Boxing Fighter

“Yes, da my first fight!”



Reporter:  “Explain to me how you feel about that?”

Mr. Warren Davis:  “Well, now, I feel good, ready for the fight, ready for Saturday, yeeah”.

Reporter:  “Are you nervous?   You’ve never faced an opponent eenah the ring?”

Mr. Warren Davis:  “Never yet but, little bit nervous, but still strong, ready fuh go, ready fuh tek on this boxer”…

Reporter:  “Explain the…what you feel is your strengthas a boxer.   Are you fast?   Are you strong?”

Mr. Warren Davis:  “I no that fast but I strong eenah mih hands deh, so, da that I have to work with, and whosoever come front ah me, well, I just have to man up ah and bring deh best too right, caz I dih bring my best too righ caz I’ve been workin’ out for a long while!”

The event was held over the weekend.

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