Lisa’s Store in Mango Creek robbed

Robberies continue unabated across the nation of Belize. One of the latest businesses targeted is Lisa’s Store in Mango Creek village. The robbery happened early Wednesday morning, shortly after the store opened for business; it was caught on surveillance cameras and show the brazen operation that cleaned out a cash register of an undisclosed amount of money. Police say they got the call at 7:45 a.m. after the robbery had occurred. ACP Joseph Myvette tells us more.

Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB:  The cashier reported to them that whilst at the business place she was approached by two Hispanic male persons, one of whom was harmed with a firearm, who pointed the weapon at her and demanded money before jumping over the counter and emptying the cash register, before making good their escape. Surveillance cameras were viewed and we are in the process of trying to identify who the culprits are.

Residents of the area have been reportedly complaining that Belize City criminals have been frequenting the area and causing problems. While police would not say if the men on the videos are from Belize City, they say they do have three persons detained as investigation continues; however, the store owner is apparently not sure if she wishes to press charges.

Joseph Myvette, Head of NCIB:  There are constant operations being held by the police in that area. Three persons are detained in connection with this robbery. We will see where this investigation goes. At this point, the complainant has not decided whether or not she wants to proceed with charges.

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