Literacy Rally and Parade held in Belmopan

vlcsnap-2015-09-09-21h08m18s82Today, eight primary schools in the Belmopan area held a Literacy rally and parade as a part of World Literacy Day which was launched yesterday. The rally started at the Independence Park at 9:00am where Kuxlin Ha, Evergreen, El Shaddai, St. Ann’s, Garden City, St. Martins, OLOG, and St. Micheal all met with posters and signs all in the spirit of this year’s literacy day theme: Read Aloud To A Child Every Day. The theme encourages children to make reading a habit. Over 800 children collectively filled the streets as they marched in the spirit of literacy reading. Gwen Nunez Gonzalez, the regional educational officer, told us about the importance of today’s event.

Gwen Gonzalez: This day is very important because this apart of the literate. It doesn’t matter which language you are comfortable with it’s important that you are literate in the language. vlcsnap-2015-09-09-21h08m53s184Because of the low literacy rate that is worldwide hence, the awareness to bring literacy to the world so it is very important because somebody who cannot read is in a sad state because 1) you can endanger yourself and others, because if there is a sign there saying ‘danger’ and you go into that area then its bad . And reading also helps you to develop vocabulary and a certain level of competency in a language, for example, my first language is Garifuna, so as a child I was challenged with English. But the more I read the English language, the better able I became to write and to speak it. So literacy is very very important.

Toady’s march was held under the theme, “Read to a child today. Read to a child every day.’


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