Lloyd Robateau Murdered in Ladyville

A resident of Ladyville was murdered last night and it is suspected he was the intended target. Police say that an argument between 31 year old Lloyd Robateau and some other men a few weeks ago may have led to his untimely death.  Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural, ACP Edward Broaster, told us more at a briefing in Ladyville this morning.

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural: Initial investigation revealed that one Lloyd Gerald Robateau 31 years, laborer of Japan Area received multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body and lower body. When we processed the scene we recovered 17 expended shells and 3 live rounds. Mister Rabateau was taken to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His death is being investigated as a murder at this time and we are looking for some individuals who we believe will be of interest in this investigation to us. The initial investigation that we have conducted indicated that mister Robateau had a conflict with some individuals about a month or two ago. And we believe that this incident may have been the incident which led to his death. At this time I wouldn’t want to comment on the motive or the status of that because we have yet to confirm that that is the case, and we wouldn’t want to say that that is the case and it is not. He received multiple gunshots to his upper body and lower body and we’ll await the post mortem to decipher how many shots he received. It appears though as if Mister Robateau was exiting his premise to go take a shower. The area where Mister Robateau lives is isolated. While he has a couple neighbors in the area, the area, in terms of road access and so forth is isolated.vlcsnap-2016-05-05-17h58m17s389

A neighbor we spoke with today told us that Robateau was expecting company just before he was murdered and from the few encounters they had, he was not a man of many words

Neighbor: Well I was inside, my boyfriend came to borrow a lighter from the neighbor and as he went in, we heard gunshots, we weren’t thinking that it was someone who got shot. His friends said that he texted them to go and hang out with him so when they came to hang out, they met him dead. Two of his friends came and told the next neighbor that their friend is dead. So they came and told us that he’s dead, and that’s how we know that somebody got shot. He was a calm person who didn’t really bother with anyone.


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