Local artists showcase their talents

Belize’s local artists rarely get opportunities to showcase their talents. The Bliss Center for the Performing Arts has for the past three years changed that with a Street Art Festival in which it brings art and talent to the streets of Belize City. Bliss Theatre Director Karen Vernon tells us more:

Karen Vernon – Bliss Theatre Director:
vlcsnap-2013-02-22-18h34m41s19It’s a festival where we promote artists, paintings, sculptures, jewelry.  That will be on Albert Street from Orange Street right uo to Church Street. So it will be an artist vendors area. New this year we have Fashion Street, which will incorporate fashion designers, jewelry designers, and also a runway.  So that section of Albert Street will be a runway with fashion shows happening during the course of the day.  There will also be a make-over booth, with make-up by Tania Tanisha.  So you can do a make-over and then you take a glam-shot by Ernie Photography.  That’s a little added in that section.  There’s the Kid’s Zone, where a lot will be happening.  There is the Youth stage.  There is be competitions for youth.  Entertainment happening from 2 to 8 pm.  There will be a flash-bob at 4 pm.  And, of course, the food court which is on Treasure Lane. There will be an Entertainment Stage in Central Park from 2 to 6 with different artists entertaining, an a huge musical concert from 6 to 10 pm, with the remaining band backing up some of our bigger name Belizean artists. [This is] bringing art to the streets, showcasing what our talented Belizean artists have to offer,

One of the new programs is a Youth Stage, managed by Creative Arts Development Officer and long-time choreographer and performer Joseph Stamp Romero.

Joseph Stamp Romero – Creative Arts Development Officer:
vlcsnap-2013-02-22-18h36m59s94Tomorrow we are giving the young people a chance to express what they do. The youth section runes on the theme “It’s your art, express it.” [It] gives them an opportunity to know we want them to express what they do artistically.  We’re looking at dancing, poetry.  We’re looking at singing, rapping.  We have competitions, if people want to come out and compete in the singing and rapping sections of the competition.  We also launching our new programme, which is called the “Arts and Wheels Project”. This is a project where young people are going to get a chance to go out into the city and across the country eventually, to inspire their own peers to get up and do something artistically, and inspire those who do not have avenues to express themselves to find one. It’s going to be a day filled with young people mostly. The hosts are young.  The DJs are young. We’re trying to find a new talent and putting it into the spotlight.

And according to Vernon, attendees can expect bigger and better at this year’s festival.

Karen Vernon – Bliss Theatre Director:
There’s definitely an increase in the numbers [of booths] because we’ve had to expand the artist’s section. There are artists out there, who do not have a venue to display their artwork. Festivals like these, they can come out and do this type of display.

For viewers in Belize City, please be advised that Albert Street from its junction with Orange Street to its junction with Prince Street as well as Treasury Lane and Bishop Street from Albert to Regent Street next to Scotiabank will be closed from 8:00 a.m.

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