Local emergency workers benefit from training by U.S. doctors

Going into its third year, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) has enjoyed a partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin, vlcsnap-2016-01-21-09h34m09s278based in Milwaukee, and a team of emergency physicians headed by Dr. Mark Bruce of Brookfield, Wisconsin. This team regularly visits Belize to train their emergency personnel in the active environment of the KHMH, which sees many cases of trauma and accident on a daily basis. In return, local emergency workers visit the Medical College in the summer for training of their own. We spoke today with Dr. Bruce, who explained the systems-based approach that both sides are learning.  The KHMH, despite being Belize’s chief hospital, still does not get as many resources as it should – certainly, it cannot match the resources seen in U.S. hospitals. But Dr. Bruce told us that Belize is improving in its responses to trauma cases, and lack of resources is no obstacle to proper patient care even in stressful situations. According to Dr. Bruce, the emergency trainees are expect to train their fellow workers around the country so that similar standards can be established at the district hospitals and clinics.

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