Local tumblers recieve donation of equipment

Tumbling gymnastics is enjoying a renaissance with the visit of a professional group led by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White to Belize last month. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, our local boys made quite the impression on him, leading to a donation made this morning in Belize City.

Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize City:
vlcsnap-2013-04-16-08h33m41s99When he was in Belize City, he was privy to see our local Tumblers of Belize City, and he was very, very impressed their skill, raw talent.  They did this without mats.  They did this without any kind of equipment whatsoever. One of the things that he said that he wanted to do is, when he left, he left behind all of their equipment, including the padding and the mats, and he asked if we could make a gift of this on his behalf to the Tumbling Association of Belize City.  He had expressed specific interest in  particular tumblers, in particular Mr Dougal, who he said his talent was exceptional.  Jessy White would want to continue a relationship with the Tumbling Association of Belize City, and Belize on a whole, and he said that he continues to make gifts, including thing like uniforms, footwear, and see how he could assist them with further training, to encourage them to better the sport of tumbling in terms of gymnastics.

Accepting the donation of pads and other equipment was Tumblers leader Mark Grant.

Mark Grant – Tumblers leader:
vlcsnap-2013-04-16-08h53m43s2I’ve been doing gymnastics from the age of 9.  I’m 44, but Ii’m still doing all the organization.  I just want to thank Mr Jessy White, way over there, the Belize City Council, and everyone, business-wise and whatever that has supported the Tumblers in the previous years, and in the years to come.  I’d just like to thank everybody.  We definitely will put these to very good use.  That is a guarantee.  When I was young as a tumbler we used to have a gym down inside the Civic Centre with equipment, but we don’t have that any more, so we’re basically getting it back again.  So I thank everyone.

Local tumbling has been most active at the end of parades and Carnival.

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