Lots of drugs found; no arrests

a number of drug packages have been found across the country but with no one in the area to charge with any crime. On April 1 in San Pedro,  police on operation in the San Mateo area conducted searches in an abandoned lot where they found a transparent plastic bag containing 126 grams of Cannabis. No one was found in the immediate area. The Cannabis was sealed and label as “Found Property.” Then in Ladyville, on the same day, police conducted an anti-drug operation at Sandhill Village, Belize District where they found three black plastic bags. One bag contained loose cannabis and the other contained several aluminum foil paper parcels each containing cannabis. The bags were taken to the Ladyville Police Station where the black plastic bag of loose Cannabis amounted to 153.2 grams, the black plastic bag containing 82 small aluminum foil paper parcel, each contained Cannabis amounted to 191.4 grams and the small Black plastic bag containing 64 small aluminium foil paper parcel each containing Crack Cocaine amounted to 5.9 grams. All Drugs were deposited as “Found Property.” In the South of the country, members of the Mobile Interdiction Team and k-9 Unit conducted a search in an abandoned lot in the “Backa town” area of Dangriga where they found a black plastic bag containing 283.5 grams of Cannabis. Further searches in the same abandoned lot led to the discovery of another black plastic bag with other transparent bags containing Cannabis amounting to 85 grams. The drugs were taken to the Dangriga Police station and labelled as “Found Property”.

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