Louis Wade says Guardian articles “Liad”

Saturday November 15th is Rise and Shine’s Fundraising Telethon. Rise and Shine is one of Belize’s most watched morning talk shows and has garnered much attention in its short four years of existence.

It has certainly caught the attention of certain political media who are rant and rave about Rise and Shine and its host Louis Wade Jr almost every morning.

Lately, printed articles in the Guardian newspaper have cleverly suggested that Mr Wade is running for political office and that Saturday’s telethon is actually fundraising to finance Louis Wade’s campaign.

Mr Wade says that it is unfortunate that nonpartisan political commentating is still seen as a threat and that speaking truth does come at a cost.


vlcsnap-2014-11-14-10h19m28s175Louis Wade Jr. – Host of Rise and Shine Morning Show

“It is a lie.  We believe that for three weeks back-to-back, we have articles posted about Rise and Shine, and specifically myself as the host, in the Guardian, claiming that the fund-raising that we are doing is for some kind of political campaign.

Thankfully, I think by now Belizeans know that someone has gone into that particular area to run.  But the truth of the matter, it was totally fabricated.  We believe one of the reasons why they have done this, as a political organ, is to try to dissuade probably their readers or their followers and supporters from donating to Plus TV.

Rise and Shine is non-partisan, but it does discuss political issues.  We believe that it is a strategic move by the United Democratic Party to restrict its members and supporters, especially those in the hierarchy of Government, from coming on the program, to paint the picture and to give the perception that they want, that it is biased. But those who watch Plus TV can see that all of the third parties, for VIP, PNP, Belize People’s Front, all of these come readily at any time they request, and it is the same for these other political parties.

We try to give people a well-rounded set of opinions on current issues.  I believe that may be one of the problems, because there is a Government in office and there’s an opposition, and around the country  different municipalities are run by different political parties.  But we go issue by issue, and that is something we continue doing.”


While Louis Wade says he hopes for more political maturity in the future, he plans to continue researching and speaking on the issues, despite the personal attacks.  He says that the support of the viewers has been overwhelming and he looks forward to their continued prayers and support.


vlcsnap-2014-11-14-10h25m56s209Louis Wade Jr.

“This is our third annual Telethon.  We’ve held it for the past three years in the month of November. We bring together all our hosts, as well as many of our supporters, and the Board of Rise and Shine, Belize.

We go to the Belizean people requesting their financial assistance, to help Rise and Shine continue doing what it does in the morning.

So Rise and Shine, Belize, is Plus TV for airing.  It’s a super prime-time slot every weekday morning, and we’re glad for that opportunity.

We thankful for the many viewers across the nation of Belize, who have in the past donated financially.  We’re coming to them again, for the third year, requesting that assistance.”


vlcsnap-2014-11-15-06h19m00s17The telethon is this Saturday November 15 starting at 10 am.

Persons interested can make your contributions by stopping off at PlusTV studios at #2 Ben’s Bluff Street in Belmopan or at the Battle Field Park in Belize City.

Donors can also make their deposits to Rise and Shine Belize at Belize Bank account 645-1-1-16630.

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