Luis Dominguez gunned down

There was another murder in Belize City. 35 year old Luis Dominguez was shot and killed on Saturday night. According to police reports, Dominguez was sitting on a table inside a yard on 8th Street when he was approached by a dark complexion male person. That person was armed and fired several shots  in Dominguez’s direction. Police told us more.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Initial information revealed that Mr. Dominguez was sitting on a table inside of the compound when a male person approached him and fired several shots at him. The male person then ran from 8th street into 12th street and fired four more shots in the area.  What we understand is that he was hanging there from sometime earlier in the day and was along with other persons at the time of the shooting. We are trying to view the footage that is in that area to see how it can assist us.

Again, police say they don’t have a motive established as yet. Dominguez was an employee of the Belize City Council and worked with he Works department with the cement crew. We spoke to Belize City Councilor and Mayoral candidate Dion Leslie who said that the council has lost several employees recently and Dominguez will be missed

Dion Leslie, Mayoral Candidate: He’s been with the council since November of 2013 and those who know him he was one of those people that was so happy for his job. Every time you met him it was nothing but a smile. He worked under the works department for the concrete crew when city council would do concrete streets or any concrete work that we need to patch up. He worked on that crew and every time you’d meet him or talk to him he was just so excited for the jobs saying that how he’s changing his life and he’s so happy that we the council gave him an opportunity to do so. So all around he was just happy for life and wanted a change and it’s so sad that his life came to an end this way . In the department that he worked, he is around the entire city out in the open and you’re exposed to elements in that sense. In no time did he come to his manager Mr.Menjivar and say I can’t go work or I don’t want to go work because of this,  at no time. So all of us had no clue and he gave us no information that there was an issue.



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