Luke Palacio speaks on Eldrid Neal’s recorded conversation

Today, we heard from Luke Palacio, the former president of the BNTU, on the issue of those now infamous recordings with Eldrid Neal and Marvin Mora.

Luke Palacio, President BNTU: I did not give any interview because I wanted to give the gentleman, if I could call him a gentleman, the opportunity to explain himself. I got hold of the tape a couple days ago and when the first segment was aired Monday night, we were informed that it was going to be aired. I listened, nothing has been said about me, my name was not called in this; so let me give him the benefit for him to clarify. We had a joint union’s negotiating team meeting yesterday and he was to chair the meeting. True, he came, and he went into my office and started to explain “Bwia weh people the do to me” and this and that and this and that. He said it last night in one of the interviews and I said to him that it is your voice, how can you say it is not you? And when the meeting proper started, he made mention of it and was apologizing and I said to him let me say this, “I am the only Garifuna in this room. I am a proud Garifuna. I defend my culture, I defend my people like I’m doing for all other Belizeans, but, you making an apology doesn’t negate or erase what you said and what you’ve done. There is a saying that to make an apology is to lay foundation for a future offence, let us hope that that is not going to be the case here. You need to answer for the things you’ve said”vlcsnap-2017-05-17-21h22m23s068


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