Lyjon Franklin murdered on Iguana Street

The first of two murders over the Commonwealth Day holiday weekend took place on Friday night, May 22, on Iguana Street Extension.  According to police, 33 year old Lyjon Franklin, also known as “John,” was socializing with 20 year old Aaron Flowers of Antelope Street Extension at his residence around 6:20 in the evening when a single armed man approached and shot at them. Franklin and Flowers received gunshot injuries to various parts of their bodies and Franklin died half an hour later while in treatment, while Flowers remains in a critical but stable condition. Today we spoke to Franklin’s best friend, Lancelot Flowers, who says he and Franklin’s other friends are still trying to puzzle out the circumstances of his passing.

vlcsnap-2015-05-27-10h17m31s134Lancelot Flowers – Friend of Deceased
“My friend, from he was young he was smart. But like many others, he just went down the wrong road – the street life. He had gotten shot about two times already. I cannot figure who would kill my friend  but the killer is not far because he did it in front of a lot of people. He ran up the street, dropped his gun and a lot of things. He is an unknown.”


Giovanni Bracket – Plus T.V Reporter

“We understand that allegedly the killer is at the hospital.”

Lancelot Flowers

“One of my neighbors got shot up too. I don’t know the full story because I haven’t seen him yet to converse with him to know what happened.  We want justice for our friend because they killed him mercilessly in front of his daughter and everybody. I love my friend and many people felt his death.”


Police continue their investigations.

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