M.O.H  SHUTS DOWN 4 PHARMACIES, more to follow

The Ministry of Health has closed down four pharmacies in the Cayo and Stan Creek District and many more are expected to be shut down. According to reports, the Ministry of Health has been conducting inspections throughout the country. During inspections they found four pharmacies operating without certified pharmacists. These pharmacies were also found selling unauthorized drugs and antibiotics of which they were unable to provide documentation on sales. In an exclusive interview with Channel 5, Doctor Manzanero indicated that owners had been flagged and issued warnings for not adhering to the law, but apparently they are not taking heed.  Manzanero further stated that there is an act in the laws of Belize which states that it is illegal for a pharmacy to operate without a certified pharmacist. According to Dr. Manzanero, the Ministry of Health has been negotiating with pharmacies to ensure that they comply with the terms of sales. However, because some pharmacies have refused to comply, the Ministry decided it was time to take action. More pharmacies are expected to face the same fate.

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