Machete wielding man shot in the leg by police

A man was shot in his leg when he allegedly tried to attack police with a machete. According to police reports, police received information of a chopping incident in San Vicente Village, Toledo District, at 9:05p.m. on Saturday. The cops  visited San Vicente Village church, where they saw 46-year-old Petrolino Lorenzo Ramirez of Santa Cruz, Guatemala, covered in blood. He was suffering from multiple chop wounds to the body and was escorted to the Hospital. Police then pursued the alleged suspect to a shed where they saw 18 year old Pablo Escobar holding a machete in his hand. He was instructed to drop the machete but to no avail and instead raised the machete in the air and attempted to throw the machete towards the Police Officer. The police officer then reportedly tried to subdue Escobar with rubber bullets but to no avail. The Police Officer then took out his license 9mm and fired one shot hitting him in the right upper leg. He was then disarmed and transported to the Punta Gorda Hospital.

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