Magistrate says he believes accused over cops

The case of 21-year-old Freetown Road resident, Deon Vernon was on trial on Friday. Mr Vernon was charged with insulting words and wounding of police officer, PC Jaidomiro Patt. But 23 pictures showed in court on Friday suggested a different story, leading Magistrate Lucas to rule in favor of Vernon and saying he did not believe the cop’s version of the sequence of events.  The police claimed that Deon Vernon assaulted one of their own and as a result, he was charged with using insulting words and wounding upon PC Patt. But photos taken by Mr Vernon’s relative on the night of the incident, showed a badly beaten Vernon. In fact, a doctor classified Vernon’s injuries as 17 counts of harm and 1 count of wounding. No police officers were charged for injuring Deon Vernon. The incident happened almost a year ago.   PC Patt was one of 5 police officers who on October 11, 2012, responded to an alleged domestic dispute. Mr Vernon and a younger brother had gotten into an altercation which caused his mother to call the police for help.  But when the police arrived, they were told that their help was no longer since the family dispute was well under control. But police still arrested Mr Vernon and allegedly beat him. By midday Friday, Deon Vernon was acquitted of the charge of insulting words when Magistrate Adolph Lucas upheld a no case submission. And by 4:30 Monday evening, Magistrate Lucas dismissed the wounding charge also after he ruled that he believed the story of Deon Vernon over the police officers since he found great discrepancies and inconsistencies in the officers’ testimonies. The judge said he believed the testimony of Mr Vernon’s mom who witnessed her son being beaten by police on that night.

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