Mahogany Heights Logging Concerns Clarified

On Monday we told you about the logging situation at Mahogany Heights community, located at mile 31 on the George Price Highway.

The concerns were that the owner of the property, on which a large part of Mahogany Heights sits on, received permission from the Forestry Department to cut for pine trees near the community. The residents expressed concern  that the owner may decide to cut down the trees inside their assigned lots, since they themselves don’t have the legal documents for the land that their houses sit on.

However according to the Chief Forest Officer Lizandro Quiroz, the permit that was granted to Abdul Hamze, the owner of the property, is to allow Frederick Banner to log in the area adjacent to the community and not inside the village community. The permit to log was granted on November 21st, two weeks ago and we were told that Abdul Hamze is in the process of acquiring his license to log in the said area. The logging season extends from the month of October to the month of June.

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