Mahogany Heights woman charged over election incident

Police have charged a woman who allegedly assaulted, insulted and wounded a police officer working at the village council elections held in Mahogany Heights, Cayo District over the weekend. 23 year old Lynden Jones, a tour guide, pleaded not guilty to wounding, assaulting a police officer and using insulting words when she appeared today before Magistrate Deborah Rogers.  A police constable reported that he pursued a motorcycle that flashed past him on Sunday evening, June 12, around 6:40 p.m. while he was at the polling station. He caught up with the vehicle only to see the man on it, accompanied by a woman identified as Jones, drive off. He caught them again but the male cyclist refused to cooperate and that is when Jones allegedly bit him on his right middle finger and hurled insulting words at him then picked up a rock and then a Belikin bottle and attempted to throw them at him. She was subdued, detained and subsequently charged.


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