Major crimes down in 2017 according to police

2017 saw a reduction in major crime across the country. That’s according to the police statistics, which shows a 6.8% reduction for major crimes.  These figures were released yesterday as the official crime statistics for 2017. While the media reported 145 murders for 2017, police say there were only 142 murders for 2017. That’s a slight increase from 2016 which saw 138 murders. There was also an increase in robberies. However, all other major crimes  saw a reduction; rapes, burglaries, thefts, and unlawful sexual intercourse all saw a reduction. Those are reported cases and does not take into account the many thefts and burglaries that police are not reported. While major crimes are down according to the police figures, the arrest rate is also down.  For the 142 murders last year, only 54 arrests were made.  For the previous year’s 138 murders, 61 arrests were made. So far for 2018, January has been a murderous month. There have been 12 murders so far, a significant increase from last year’s January which saw nine murders in total; and we still have 5 more days left in January 2018.

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