Major Crimes down in Belmopan

Officer Commanding Belmopan Police Superintendent Howell Gillett joined the Belmopan police formation in early May of this year. Today we took a look at some statistics. When comparing the month of June and July we see a dramatic decrease in all major crimes recorded in Belmopan from the period of June 13th to July 14th. In the month of June, there were 6 reported murders while in the month of July there were 0 reported murders. During the same period, the number of assaults dropped from 55 to 37; the number for Unlawful Carnal Knowledge also dropped from 18 to 6, for Aggravated burglary the numbers dropped from 12 to 2. Only the number for burglary in the area saw a small increase going from 51 burglaries to 53. According Superintendent Howell Gillett, he believes that community engagement is the key to good policing.

vlcsnap-2014-08-29-19h23m42s11Superintendant Howell Gillett – Officer Commanding Belmopam Police Formation

“We have 11 categories of crimes that we classify as major crimes.  From the eleven, seven of those are down. But we had four other areas that were not down, but very close to being marginally increased.

We realize, with the situation going on in Belize City, we have to do our part. Because when we review the statistics, last year 2013 Belmopan had 15 murders total for the year.  At this time, thank God, or thankfully, we’re at zero. 

We have to do our part to help with Belize City and the rest of the country.  So, we fully recognize that and we do our part.  The main resources are human resources.  If you can get people to do things, and work when you’re not around, that’s the thing. 

That’s why I tell you transactional leadership and transformational leadership, it’s working in Belmopan, and it can work any other part of the country, but we need to seriously partner and engage with the community.”

Since Superintendant Gillett took office in May of this year, the Belmopan police department has embarked on a number of community building projects.

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