Major Lloyd Jones to run for PUP in Belize Rural North

The People’s United Party (PUP) has named its candidate to challenge the winner of the UDP’s convention in Belize Rural North. He is former soldier and Ports Commissioner Major Lloyd Jones, who served in the Belize Defence Force (BDF) before joining the Port Authority. According to PUP leader Francis Fonseca, the PUP has high hopes for Jones, who has particular experience in national security .


Hon. Francis Fonseca – PUP Leadervlcsnap-2015-05-05-10h54m20s10

” I have had many discussions with Major Jones over the past few months. In particular. I think what has inspired me the most about his candidacy and I think what has inspired me the most about his candidacy and what has excited me the most about his candidacy is his strong independent spirit and his passionate love of country. I think he obviously got that from his roots as a child growing up in Belize and his family. It is clear that that was rooted in him but it is also clear that that love and passion for Belize was farther deepened by his work in the Belize Defense Force – by his service in the Belize Defense Force, where he came to know and appreciate the length and breadth of Belize. “


Major Jones also paid tribute to his predecessor Arthur Saldivar who lost to Castro in the 2012 elections and was disqualified from running again due to legal issues. He said that his run will hopefully open the way for other Belizeans who want to change the political system to step forward.


Major Lloyd Jones – PUP Candidate, Belize Rural Northvlcsnap-2015-05-05-10h56m36s88

“I encourage other well meaning, decent, honest and competent Belizeans to look to the political arena for service. Today, more than ever, Belize needs people like this.  Now to answer the question that must be on all of your minds. Why politics and why the People’s United Party? It is my view, as a citizen, that  Belize is at a cross roads. Our people are crying out for fresh leadership. The Belizean people are tired of the lies, are tired of the incompetence, they are tired of the mismanagement. They are tired of exchanging monkey for black dog, they are tired of betrayal.”


According to Jones he has no qualms about facing either incumbent Minister of State Edmond Castro or rival Dwight Tillett. Responding to reports of Castro dismissing him as a “disgruntled UDP” seeking revenge both politically and in the courts, Jones said the only thing that counts is the election day result.


Major Lloyd Jones

“This really boils down to election day.  That’s what it boils down to. Will I be able to present the people of Belize Rural North, a better alternative to their current area representative. I am not going to worry about Castro and his nonsense and all the noise of the market. I am focus. This is about people and minister Castro has not delivered to the people of Belize Rural North. Simple as that.”

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