Male and female national football teams return home






With different fortunes, the male U-15 and female U-20 national football teams returned home on Monday. The men won three of four games played in the Cayman Islands and lost the other narrowly to Guatemala, an eventual finalist. The women lost all three games they played by one goal each against Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala,  again in another heartbreaker. But FFB President Ruperto Vicente told us that the men, in particular, can hold their heads high.

Ruperto Vicente – FFB President:

vlcsnap-2013-08-27-11h34m46s5Certainly we’re proud of our U15 National Team.  They’re youths.  These are young players that we must nurture.  Certainly they represented us well in the CONCACAF Tournament.  It’s a first of its kind.  It’s the first [time] that we’re sending out a U15 Football Team, and they have done extremely well.  So we are proud of them.

This is where the federation is now focusing, on youth development.  We’re going to be spending most of our time and energy and monies from the Federation on youth development.

Ruperto  Vicente thinks the Guatemalans did not “fight fair” in the U-15 match.

Ruperto Vicente – FFB President:

vlcsnap-2013-08-27-11h24m43s127Their performance was excellent.   It’s just that our players at that time were taken out of their game plan, because the Guatemalans came really hard against them.  The Guatemalans played extremely hard and dirty against our players. But nevertheless they stood their ground and Guatemala was only able to score one goal. We missed our opportunities – yes – and had we not missed our opportunity we would have beaten Guatemala

Both teams were honored by a motorcade in the City today followed by a reception at the Radisson Hotel.

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