Man acquitted of chopping up man during dispute over horse

Another man is free of the charge of murder after he was set free by Justice Denis S. Hanomansingh in the Dangriga session of the Supreme Court.  He is 40-year-old Andres Bol, who was accused of chopping up Luis Maas sometime between June 19 and 20 of 2011  in Cow Pen Village. On Thursday morning, in a trial by judge without jury, Andres Bol walked free after the only evidence against him, an oral and written caution statement allegedly given by him to the police, were not admitted into evidence.  Mr Bol’s attorney was able to prove that Andres Bol was badly beaten by the police prior to being admitted into the Belize Central Prison for the murder.  The reason Mr Bol was picked up by police, according to the attorney, is that Andres Bol and Luis Maas had an altercation the day before the murder while the two were at a club. Police picked up Mr Bol and alleged that Bol told them that he killed Maas in self defense. Andres Bol said he was riding his horse when Luis Maas attacked him with a machete but missed him and caught his horse. And that’s when Bol came off his horse and both got into a fight resulting in Maas being chopped several times to the head and body. That was the information according to the caution statements. However, a Prison Department Records Officer told the court that on the day that Bol was admitted into the prison, he was seen suffering from injuries to the knee and chest and Bol alleged being beaten by police. Also, the officer who had taken Bol’s confession, never got a chance to write it down because he unfortunately died 4 days or so after the murder of Maas. So with no witnesses, no evidence linking Bol to the crime, and no caution statement, further fortified with proof of police brutality, the Judge told Andres Bol he was a free man.

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