Man Acquitted of Keeping Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition

vlcsnap-2014-04-02-20h40m46s200Kenroy Vanzie of Arlington Drive was freed today after Police conceded they could not tie him to a rusty 9mm pistol allegedly found at his Arlington Drive residence on New Years’ Day of 2013.

Vanzie had been in police custody from December 30, 2012 in connection with a robbery and was released three days later on January 2, but police claimed to have found the weapon in a search of his property the day before, on January 1st. They did not formally charge him until January 18, three weeks later.

In court, the arresting officer admitted that there is no evidence that Vanzie personally possessed the weapon, whose serial number did not match with that on the charge sheet.

The weapon contained six rounds of ammunition which were tendered as evidence, but the gun itself was not.  Attorney for Vanzie, Mr. Bryan Neal, submitted that his client had no case to answer because in addition to the prosecution witness’s own admission, Vanzie was in police custody and anyone could have dumped the firearm on his property.

He also pointed out that Police did not prove, by means of a utility bill or similar paper, that the residence they searched was indeed that of Vanzie.

The prosecution made no response and effectively conceded the case. Magistrate Dale Cayetano therefore released Vanzie from the charge. Police were also ordered to return a sum of money that Vanzie claims was taken from him at the time of his detention.

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