Man and pregnant girlfriend shot at in San Pedro; man dies

A man was shot and killed in San Pedro early this morning. Reports are that Alfredo Cowo Mansea  was socializing on a golf cart along with his pregnant girlfriend in front of Jaguars Night club on Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town, around 12:30 this morning, Tuesday January 16. Cowo and the woman were watching a video on a mobile device when a gunman of Hispanic decent, dressed with a warm cap on his head, approached Cowo and fired several shots at him. Police say Cowo was shot to the right of his chest and rib cage. Cowo’s girlfriend escaped the ordeal unharmed. She told us about the horrifying experience.

Paola Reyes:

We were sitting on his golf kart, we were watching a video on his facebook. When out of nowhere we heard a gunshot, he held his head and look to the back and again they shot him. After that he crawl underneath the gold kart, he did want them to continue shooting him. I jumped over him and ask the man to not hurt him anymore and the man ran away, he wasn’t alone he was with two other persons that I did not manage to identify.

Reporter: Did he have any enemies? 

Paola Reyes: Well I don’t really know, honestly.

Reporter: Did you got shot in the incident?

Paola Reyes: No, I did not get shot, my ears rung because I was sitting right beside him.

Cowo was airlifted to seek medical attention in Belize City but died before reaching.  He was taken to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  Alfredo Cowo was one of the claimants in a case against two police officers who fired indiscriminately into a crowd of party goers on San Pedro back in April of 2017.  You may remember that two officers had fired shots on the ground and the ricochet injured about 5 persons. Cowo was injured to the eye and he was in court trying to get justice. However, just last week , the case was reportedly dismissed when the prosecution did not show and the judge threw the matter out. We understand that Cowo had also recently made a complaint against police officers last week Tuesday . That complaint was in line with accusations of corruption related to drug activities on the island. We understand that one of those accused officers is currently on interdiction.

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