Man assaulted by special constable seeking justice outside the courts

The community of Santa Cruz, Red Bank and Independence village in the South have began a petition drive to have a special constable removed from his duties. The special constable was recently arrested and charged after he allegedly punched Santa Cruz resident and mechanic Vincent Scott in the head in front of the police station in the village.

The incident was witnessed by the police officer of the village, who stopped the altercation from progressing any further. Mr Scott took the matter to internal affairs in Belmopan, who conducted an investigation and arrested and charged the Special Constable for common assault.

However, even with the witness testimony of the police officer on Vincent Scott’s behalf, the special constable beat the “common assault” charge this past Friday, January 25, 2015.

Having lost the case, Mr Scott has begun a petition drive to have the special constable dismissed and says only since Sunday, he has collected almost 300 signatures.


Vincent Scott – Resident of Santa Cruz

[Paraphrased]  “The guy got acquitted.  I don’t know what might happen, if they might try to give him back his job.  The problem is that a lot of people in the village have already come together, and they have given statements against this guy, that this guy, since he became a special constable four years ago, he has abused people in the village. 

Internal Affairs have reports from a couple of people who went in and gave statements, that this guy pushed their heads in a toilet, and all kinds of things.  Internal Affairs have that [information].  We have the people.  If we have to get it again we could get it. The people don’t want him to get a transfer.  They want him out of the job, because somebody like that can’t be police.  Police should be peace-keepers.”


Vincent Scott says the communities in the area are tired of injustice from some of those in authority, and they are planning a peaceful demonstration in front of the Police Station in Mango Creek in the upcoming week.

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