Man awaits sentence for running over 3 year old boy

40-year-old Hubert Martinez was charged back in December 2013 for knocking down and killing 3-year-old Jahston Terry. The little boy was on the side walk at Pound Yard walking with his then 5-year-old brother, when suddenly, a white pick-up van driven at the time by Martinez drove on to the sidewalk, hitting the brothers. Today in court, Martinez pled guilty to the charge of manslaughter by negligence and the prosecutor in the case read the facts of the case indicating that alcohol and drug tests done on Martinez by the police back in 2013 proved negative.   On behalf of his client, attorney Brayan Neal submitted that Martinez is very remorseful and sorry for his action. Martinez asked the court for leniency and to spare him a prison sentence since he is the bread-winner of his family of 3 boys and a wife. Tonight, Martinez is at home awaiting a sentence which Justice Marilyn Williams has reserved for February 14, 2018.

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