Man believed burned to death in house fire





Police and the National Fire Service are investigating the circumstances surrounding a house fire reported this morning around 2:26 a.m. According to police they visited #139 Antelope Street Extension and found a plywood structure measuring 20 by 14 feet and elevated two feet above ground on fire. Also damaged was a white Isuzu double cab pickup truck with license plates CY-B-1559. Firefighters put the fire out by 3:50 a.m. and this is when they discovered a burnt body lying on the floor of the residence.

calbert18.10.13vlcsnap-2013-10-21-07h21m44s159Calbert Flowers – Police Inspector:  “Shortly after the fire was controlled, the members of the Police Department and the Fire Department were processing the scene where they observed an apparent lifeless body of a male person lying in the remains of the building.   The body is believed to be that of Michael Reynolds, the sole occupant of that building.   The investigation is very young at this moment.   The body is now lying at the KHMH morgue where we are awaiting the results of the post mortem to launch us to the next investigation.   Also in the yard right next to the building, was a white Isuzu truck, belonging to the Human Development Office.   The front portion of the truck was also destroyed by fire”.


According to police, the remains have been tentatively identified as Michael Reynolds, a 33 year old driver for the Human Development Department in Belize City, but the identification is not confirmed as the body was burnt beyond recognition and his whereabouts are officially unknown. Inspector Flowers further detailed to us where in the house, the body was found.

Inspector Calbert Flowers:  “He was found in the area leading to the bedroom in a corridor, but he was lying on the floor”.

Reporter:  “And I am assuming that a cause of death has not been certified as yet”.

Inspector Calbert Flowers: “A cause of death has not been certified at this moment.   We are awaiting the results of the autopsy.   Likewise, the cause of the fire has not been determined as yet; we are also awaiting the results from the Fire Service Department.   We do not know anything.   We are exploring from every angle, but so far, there is no directly or there is nothing to indicate that the cause of death; no physical harm found on the body”.

Our colleagues at 7News spoke with a friend of Michael Reynolds, who says that he was not known to be a troublesome person.

Friend of deceased: “I know Michael to be a very cool person.   He’s always a happy person.   He goes to work every day.   He’s always with his kids.   He had two kids.   He’s always with his kids on weekends probably after work, and, basically that’s it; he goes to work every day, come back home, goes to the pipe to wash his car…”

Reporter: “Did he live alone?”

Interviewee:   “As far as I am concerned, yes he did but a couple of time I probably thought it was his girlfriend he was with, but he lived alone”.

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