Man caught with child pornography says he is Pastor; Evangelical Association says not so

News broke out on Friday that a Pastor in Orange Walk was being arrested for Child pornography. While there are certainly cases of wolves in sheep clothing, according to the President of Orange Walk Evangelical Association of Churches, this man was no Pastor as he had no license to Pastor and did not have a congregation. In fact, after his Pastoral license expired two years ago, it was never renewed.  But 60 year old Edgar Jeraldo Lopez, a resident of Black Water Caye in Trial Farm, Orange Walk,  told police he was a Pastor when they arrested him for child pornography and even presented an expired ID identifying him as a Pastor even though none of the Pastors of the area identify him as such. . On Friday, police went to Lopez’s home to conduct an investigation after a concerned resident of the area handed over 2 nude pictures of minors who are 10 years old and 3 years old. Police investigation pointed to Lopez and during a search of his home, police checked Lopez’s phone and found the same nude pictures of the children on his phone. On Friday, the minors depicted in the pictures were taken to a doctor for examination to determine if they were caranlly known. Thankfully, neither of them were carnally known according to the results of the examination. Child pornography is an indictable offence and also goes against sections of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation Act of 2013. As a result, Lopez was not offered bail and is to reappear in court on June 29.

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