Man charged for Belmopan Burglary

vlcsnap-2015-10-06-00h00m17s187There was a burglary in the North Piccini area of Belmopan on Friday night. Quick police work led to the detention of a suspect and his subsequent arrest. Superintendt Howell Gillett told us what the home owner reported to police.

Sup. Howell Gillett, O. C. Belmopan Police: Between 8 and 12, 8am and 12pm on that day she left her home to go to work and she was alerted that her house might have been burglarized. We immediately proceeded to the location and we discovered that yes the home was burglarized and it was through the main entrance door. A few items were stolen including a Samsung phone, a DVD Player, a gold chain, and a picture frame amounting to vlcsnap-2015-10-06-00h00m11s107something around $1500.00 BZE currency.

Gillett says that with community assistance, police were able to zero in on the suspect. Samuel Pech was eventually charged for the crime.

Sup. Howell Gillett, O. C. Belmopan Police: With the help of the community again we were able to detect what had occurred and who might have done it. Before nightfall on that same day we arrested Samuel Pech, he is a 25 year old male and he is of Camalote Village, he has been charged with the hr Crime of Burglary. He was today taken to our magistrate court here in Belmopan

Pech was arraigned in court today where he pleaded not guilty and was granted bail which he did meet.

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