Man charged for encounter with police

A man who menaced a police officer with a firearm and then tried to run away has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and keeping a prohibited firearm and ammunition. 30 year old tour guide Kareem Betancourt was read his charges before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and pleaded not guilty. On June 7, Betancourt is alleged to have attempted to enter Elements Nightclub on Newtown Barracks. Inspector of Police Alejandro Cowo, guarding the door, attempted to conduct a search on him. Betancourt is alleged to have drawn a black firearm and pointed it at the officer, then turned around and began walking away. The Inspector pursued and fired several shots at Betancourt, catching him in the right forearm. Police say Betancourt then threw an object into an open lot on Marine Parade. They caught up with him and retrieved the object, confirmed to be a .45 pistol with five rounds of ammunition in the chambers. Betancourt is remanded until his next court appearance on July 31.

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