Man Charged for Killing Elderly Man in Front of his Family

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-17h33m35s31Today, Kevin Manzanero was arraigned for the murder of a man gunned down in front of his family, two days before Christmas.  Police believe that on the night of December 23rd, sometime around 9:30 p.m., Mr. Manzanero, along with accomplice, Mr. Alex Reid, approached 56 year old Freddy Lopez Sr. while he and some relatives were transporting tamales for sale.

The men wore masks and demanded money from the individuals. According to Lopez’s son, Fredy Lopez Jr., who was present during the incident, the family begged the men to take the tamales and leave them alone, as they had no cash on them.

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-17h41m27s137But the men were adamant, one of them reportedly grabbed Lopez’s, and that’s when Lopez bent over to pick up a stone. He was immediately shot to the chest and the assailants fled the area.

The suspected culprits had been on the run since and in fact, at the time Lopez was killed, the two were wanted by San Ignacio Police for numerous robberies and burglaries in the area.

On January 19, Manzanero was apprehended by authorities at a local hospital, where he was seeking treatment for injuries received in an alleged burglary attempt.

This morning, he was escorted to the San Ignacio Magistrates Court and charged with the murder of Mr. Freddy Lopez Sr.

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-20h19m50s209Inspector Reymundo Reyes- Second in Command, San Ignacio Police

 “Today, based on the directives of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Kevin Manzanero, 30 years old of Bullet Tree village, was formally arrested and charged for the crime of murder in respect to the date of Mr. Freddy Lopez that happened on the 23rd December 2013.

Meanwhile, there is a wanted bulletin out for his alleged partner in crime, Alex Reid.

police logo BelizeInspector Reymundo Reyes:  “At this moment, we are still looking at the second person who is that of Alex Reid.   As soon as he is detained, he will be questioned and see what directives are we given to us by the Director of Public Prosecutions.  We know that we have a “WANTED” poster out there, but we are asking the community that if they have any knowledge or sighting of Alex Reid, that they could pass it on to the Police so that may apprehend him and, at the end of the day, proceed with the charges if we do have any evidence against him”.  

 Again, anyone with information about the whereabouts of Alex Reid is asked to contact the nearest Police Station.

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