Man Charged For Murder Of Ariel Diaz

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On Monday we told you about the body of Ariel Diaz, who was found on Saturday somewhere in the Duck Run three area, Spanish Lookout, with his head almost completely decapitated.

On Wednesday, Luven Perrez, a Guatemalan National, who is believed to have been socializing with Ariel Diaz prior to his murder, was charged at the San Ignacio Police Station for the murder of Diaz. Officer Commanding San Ignacio, Police Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson, calls it a breakthrough in the investigation.

vlcsnap-2014-09-18-07h06m25s169Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson – Officer in Charge of San Ignacio / Santa Elena Police

” We have made a breakthrough in the Diaz case, which we have been investigating.  At this present moment we have just arrested and charged Juan Luven Perrez for the murder of Mr Pedro Diaz. That is good news in the investigation, and as we continue to work on the matter relating to this case.”

According to Superintendent Thompson the investigation is revealing that an argument ensued between the two men, which police believe lead to the murder of Ariel Diaz.

Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson

vlcsnap-2014-09-18-07h22m15s162” Our investigation is showing that he and the victim were hanging out, and they had an argument, but at the time of the argument there was no evidence to show that they had any physical contact, at the place where the argument was. 

However, after that they then departed from the area where the argument first occurred. That’s where the investigation is showing that we believe that the murder occurred.

The investigation is not revealing that anyone else is involved in any way, at this present time.”

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