Man charged for murder of Daniel Aguirre







Six days after the charred remains of well known Belmopan cab-driver Daniel Aguirre was found, on Friday his accused killer was charged with murder. The prosecution is hoping that they will have enough evidence to convict Noel Alexander Torres. In a press release sent out on Friday by the office of the DPP, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal writes “In this case, there is no eyewitness to the actual killing. The Prosecution’s evidence rests, in the main, on a confession contained in a statement made by Torres under caution, to the Police. Certain matters raised in the statement have been confirmed independently and there is other circumstantial evidence which bolsters the case for the Crown.” The DPP says that Police have also been able to recover a knife, which according to Torres, is the murder weapon. They have also retrieved the firearm Aguirre had on him on the night he went missing. For that matter, Alexander Torres, a resident of Belize City, was previously charged for kept firearm without a gun license, kept ammunition without a gun license and handling stolen goods. Also charged were three other persons who reside at the home in Teakettle Village that the weapon was found, those charges, according to the DPP, has since been withdrawn. We note that a murder charge against the accused was expected to come down from earlier this week; however, due to the due to the decomposed state of the victim, his identification has not been formally verified. The DPP states though “The identification of the deceased was not dependent on the result of the post-mortem examination. It was appreciated from the outset that the body was in a state incapable of being identified. The circumstantial evidence available to us and the admission of the accused however, suffice to prove that the deceased is Daniel Aguirre. Further evidence on this point is also being sought.”

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