Man charged for vehicular altercation

The alleged use of a vehicle as a weapon led to charges for 33 year old Devon Jones of Belize City. Mr Jones, a self-employed electrician, is accused of aggravated assault and maim of 42 year old Francis Stanley Gill in front of the Key Ley Restaurant, formerly Li Chee, on Freetown Road.

Around 12:45 in the morning of August 30, 2014, Francis Gill was buying at the restaurant, when he and Devon Jones got into an argument. Mr Gill went to stand in front of the restaurant, and that is when Mr Jones got into his blue and gray Chevy Blazer car and reversed it into MrGill, then backed up and did it at least once more, causing Mr Gill’s right leg to become mangled and eventually broken.

Francis Gill was treated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where his right leg was amputated.

In court, the prosecution objected to bail due to the serious nature of the offence but Devon Jones’ attorney, Douglas Carr, successfully obtained bail of $3,000 for his client, of which $2,000 was ordered to be paid in cash. Chief Magistrate Smith further ordered that Devon Jones submit his travel documents to be held, and that he not approach the complainant while the case is being settled.

He is due back in court on October 15.

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