Man Charged in Kayla Burgess’ Murder

vlcsnap-2014-03-24-20h59m06s6Ms. Kayla Burgess’s accused murderer was formally charged by San Ignacio police on Saturday.  He is 21 year old Vince Garbutt, a resident of San Ignacio town.  Mr. Garbutt allegedly confessed to the murder of Kayla Burgess, a resident of Independence village, Stann Creek district.

After her parents received text messages that Kayla had been kidnapped and a ransom of $250,000  was being demanded, a hunt for Burgess got on the way.   Her body was f ound inside her vehicle in Bullet Tree Falls village, Cayo on Thursday afternoon.  She was apparently strangled as a plastic bag was found around her neck.


According to police reports, Burgess was killed at Garbutt’s San Ignacio home and then her body was transported in her vehicle to the Bullet Tree location.

According to official police reports, Garbutt had numerous scratches on his body and they found  the keys to Burgess’ Kia Sorento in Garbutt’s vehicle. Via facebook, numerous accounts of what actually happened were posted and one named 18 year old Faith Dueck as a possible accomplice in the murder.

Ms. Faith Dueck, who was a roommate of Vince Garbutt , has retained the services of an attorney who issued a statement today. The statement says,

“To faith, it was not unusual to see Vinnie with Kayla’s vehicle nor to learn that he dropped off Kayla or picked her up somewhere or even had to take the vehicle for Kayla somewhere, thus seeing him with the vehicle that Thursday did not send off any alarm bells to her.  It would not even have been unusual for Vinnie and Kayla to hook up and make plans unknown to her or for Kayla to even visit him.  It was not until police visited Faith at her workplace Thursday night that she learnt that Kayla was dead, which was devastating news in itself and worst yet when she learnt that Vinnie admitted to being responsible for her death and recalling that earlier he had been in possession of Kayla’s gold Kia.”

The media statement ends by saying that Faith Dueck has already given a statement to the police about what she knew of the events of last Thursday “and maintains she had not known Kayla had been killed and that she has nothing to do with Kayla’s death.”

The teenage woman says that “she is in pain knowing that her roommate, whom she also trusted could have done such horrible act to Kayla, a friend, like her.”

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