Man charged with murder aquitted

vlcsnap-2013-04-24-20h09m11s230Triston Gordon, charged with the 2011 murder of Kenyon Plunkett, was acquitted yesterday. This case was the first trial without jury to be heard before Justice Adolph Lucas in the Supreme Court. And it was the testimony of the prosecution’s main witness that led Justice Lucas to rule in favour of the accused. In a Police statement taken in April of 2011, Kyle Chaplin said that he was with the Gordon, who was 19 at the time, when he allegedly shot Plunkett, even saying that Gordon showed him a gun and told him that was going to hurt “a dread that disrespected him.” He said that’s when, that’s when he followed Gordon from Banak Street into Lakeview Street. Gordon stopped at the corner of Lakeview and Chaplin stopped beside vlcsnap-2013-04-24-20h09m21s76him. He then said Plunkett coming from 123rd Street area and that’s when the accused approached the deceased and shoot him from behind. After the pair ran back to Banak Alley where they waited, they went to Chaplin’s yard  where Gordon told Chaplin’s aunt that he had just shot someone but wasn’t sure if the person  was dead. That according to Police records, was Chaplin’s statement, but when he was called to testify, Chaplin denied ever giving that statement said that he never signed it. In fact, the main witness said that all he could remember telling Police is that he was home when the incident happened. In his ruling, the judge noted “It would be dangerous to convict the accused on the evidence of Kyle Chaplin, because he (Chaplin) has his own interest to serve because he was with the accused all the while.” He also reminded the court that, there was no connection between the accused and the decease because police only found a bicycle at the scene. And that the crown did not prove the guilty of the accused beyond a reasonable doubt. And with that, Gordon was free to go. Plunkett’s family meanwhile, is devastated by the judgment. Plunkett was the father of three.

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