Man crashes off Orange Walk Toll bridge and dies

A man lost his life today after running over the toll bridge at the Entrance of Orange Walk Town in the wee of hours of Thursday morning. According to authorities,  police responded to the traffic mishap around 3:30 this morning in the Belize new river about 3 feet south of the Orange Walk Toll Bridge. The Dodge ram 4 door pickup, which was driven at the time by  35 year old Leonel Guerra, had apparently run off the concrete side walk of the bridge, broken through the metal railing and fell some 30 ft into the water landing on its back. It is believed Leonel Guerra, a well known Building contractor of Orange Walk Town, drowned during the mishap. Guerra was coming from the direction of Belize City heading towards Orange Walk. Plus News understands that Guerra had gone out to Celebrate his 35th birthday the previous night. At this time police are not sure what lead to the incident; if it was a car malfunction, a result of drunk driving or something else. A postmortem will be conducted on the body of Guerra today and police will proceed with investigations from there.

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