Man crushed by cane harvester at Sntender

A guatemalan worker at Santender in the Cayo District has died in what appears to be an accident at the 35,000 acre Company’s Private compound. We say “appears” because the company representatives at Santender refused to speak to PlusNews about the young man’s sudden death, though we travelled to the factory which is located near valley of Peace. Though we were not allowed beyond the outer gates on the road which leads to the factory, PlusNEWS has obtained some information about what happened earlier today. At around 11:30am , Andres Antonio Sebastian, a 22 year old Guatemalan national was working in the cane field alongside a Cane Harvester when, for some unknown reason, the harvester picked him up, ran over him and killed him. Harvesters cut cane and then chop them into pieces about 1 foot in length. And this was the same gruesome fate that met young Sebastian; a death for which Santender representatives had no comment, and kept the media at bay outside its outer gates for hours as police investigated the incident. After the investigation an ambulance, escorted by the Belmopan police, took the mangled body to the Western regional Hospital where Sebastian was pronounced dead on arrival. Medics at the Western regional hospital confirmed to PlusNews that the young man’s body was severed into 7 pieces. Again the company, which has had at least one other death in the past, has so far refused to comment. vlcsnap-2016-04-26-09h53m59s307 vlcsnap-2016-04-26-09h54m15s744 vlcsnap-2016-04-26-09h54m25s863 vlcsnap-2016-04-26-09h53m56s702

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