Man Demands money and threatens murder

Police are investigating a case of extortion, where it is believed a man is attempting to solicit $15,000 through the use of threats.

On Thursday February 12th,  a 37 year old  Honduran supervisor of Bella Vista village, Stann Creek District, reported to police that on January 29th at around 9:00 pm, he received a call from an unknown number, where a man’s voice spoke and demanded $15 thousand dollars or else one of his family members would die.

On Thursday, February 12th, exactly two weeks after the first phone call, his sister in law retrieved a letter from the entrance of his yard again demanding $15 thousand dollars which should be paid within 72 hours or else a family member would die. The man also told police that his wife received two text messages encouraging her to convince him to pay the money demanded.

There is no suspect. Police investigations continue.

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