Man dies after blow to head

Police have classified the death of  45 year old businessman Don Tillett of Belize City as sudden death, rather than vlcsnap-2014-01-08-14h32m59s61murder, as their investigations continue. Tillett reported to police before his death around 8:00 p.m. Monday, January 6, that on New Year’s evening, exact time unknown, he picked up three men on an unnamed street, one East Indian, two Creole,  while en route to a house on Central American Boulevard. At some point on the Boulevard he was hit to the back of the head by one of the men, seated directly behind him, and went unconscious, waking up to find himself in muddy bushes on the Philip Goldson Highway near the Haulover Bridge. Sister of the deceased, Norma Tillett, says her brother was treated, but doctors indicated he would survive.

vlcsnap-2014-01-08-14h32m42s137Norma Tillett, Sister of Don Tillett

When I came down he was in a coma; they had him on life support machine and when he finally got out of it, I questioned him and I asked him who did this and what happened and all he could say was the same report that he gave the guy, that someone hit him in the head back and that’s all he could remember. We spoke to the doctor and he told us that he is very weak and he went through a dramatic experience and because of the experience he went through, it weakens the heart. What happened, he had a heart problem before, but because of what he went through it took a toll on the heart. The doctors knew that the heart was weak, but they released him Saturday.

Don told his sister that the doctors had said he should get a pacemaker to monitor his heart, but on Monday night at his home he fell off his bed and despite the best efforts of family and others to revive him he was pronounced dead at the hospital after being brought there by ambulance.  To add insult to injury, he lost $2,000 in cash, a black Apple phone valued at $1,800; papers for his blue and silver Kawasaki motorcycle and the Dodge Neon he was driving on the night of the incident, which belonged to his nephew, Roque Riverol. The news has devastated his family. Sister Norma maintains he did not deserve what happened to him.

Norma Tillett, Sister of Don Tillett

He was a loving person, very loving. And I just want to say that okay he’s gone now and we will all miss him, and I hope that whoever did this will have a heart and realize what they did is wrong, and try to ask for forgiveness, because there’s nothing else…I don’t see anything else coming out of this because as I said he said couldn’t recognize the fellows if he had seen them again. I wish that they would have for repentance and ask for forgiveness.

Police investigations continue and a post-mortem examination on Tillett’s body is scheduled.

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