Man Dies At Shrimp Farm

Independence police are currently investigating the circumstance surrounding the death of 27 year old watchman  Delwin Garcia, a resident of George Town, Stann Creek, who was found dead at the bottom of a drain at BAL Shrimp Farm. According to police reports, on July 16th at about 7 PM, the supervisor at the BAL Shrimp farm, located about 4 miles and a half on the Placencia road, went to look for Garcia but did not locate him at his booth. He visited an area about a half mile behind the office in the pond area and that’s where he saw the lifeless body of Garcia at about 7:30 PM, at the bottom of the drain as the water was subsiding. The drain contained about 8 feet of water which was being released from the pond at the time. Garcia was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police are yet to determine the cause of the death.

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