Man dies due to Hit and run in the North

26 year old Roberto Tzul was the victim of a fatal road traffic accident in Orange Walk over the weekend. According to Authorities, police were called out to an area on the San Antonio Road, Orange Walk, around midday on Sunday, where they saw the motionless body of 26 year old Roberto Tzul of August Pine Ridge village, lying face up in a drain. Police believe his death was as a result of a hit and run.

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(Via Phone) “On Sunday. 9th of August,2015 at 12:15 pm, Orange Walk police received information of a dead body in a ditch on the San Antonio Road in the Orange Walk district. As a result, police visited the scene where, arrival, they say the motionless body of a male person with his face lying face up into the drain on the right hand side of the road when traveling from Orange Walk to Yo Creek direction. The person was identified as one Roberto Tzul, 26 years Belizean Laborer of August Pine Ridge Village, Orange Walk district. He had a left broken ankle and blood coming from his nose and ears. It is believed that  he was hit by a vehicle and left to die.”

26 year old Tzul received a broken arm and internal head injury which caused bleeding from the ears and nose. A post mortem was to be conducted today to determine the true cause of death. Police are still investigating.

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