Man drowns but wife says she believes it is murder

A 58 year old Guatemalan, living in the village of Camalote, Cayo was found floating in the nearby river  on Sunday morning around 11 am apparently dead. Reports are that 58 year old Candelario Jaime had gone swimming about  5 o clock in the evening on Saturday, a normal routine for him says his wife Felipa Jaime. She explained to us why she thinks her husband’s death was a murder and not a drowning.

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[Translated]“He just left to go swimming in the river and after that he did not return. Yesterday when we were looking for him and when we found him, he already drowned. Honestly , the police have not told us the results of what happened there. Well, one of my neighbours had told me she went down to swim, and a little after she went down, two men were coming out of the river looking a little suspicious. Right now, I have not seen the body but my sons have seen it and they say he has bruises on his chest area and his head. Honestly, the authorities have not given us those results. “

Late this evening, a postmortem examination conducted on the body of Candelario Jaime classified the death as drowning. Candelario, leaves behind a wife and 9 children

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