Man escapes with his life after being robbed

It was last week, Tuesday that we reported of a Good Samaritan that had stopped to render aid and lost his life as a result. Another Good Samaritan was repaid with evil for his kind deed, but this time, thankfully, he managed to escape with his life. According to police reports, yesterday 60 year old Guatemalan Mercedes De Jesus Madril, left his home in Trio Village in his Ford Ranger pickup truck at 10:15 a.m. enroute to Bella Vista when he stopped to pick up a man he thought was a hitch hiker just past the Swasey Bridge. It was then that he became the victim of an arm robbery because when he stopped another man emerged from the bushes with a sawed-off shotgun. The two men held him up at gunpoint taking his wallet which contained $340 dollars. Madril managed to find an opportunity to fight off the attackers by attempting to take away the shotgun. As a result, a struggle ensued and the shotgun went off leaving a hole in the roof of the pick-up truck.  The robbers then fled the scene on a motor cycle. Police investigations continue.

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