Man Found Dead In Carozal After Night Of Drinking

There is another family grieving the death of one of their loved ones, whose life was cut short presumably by abuse of alcohol.

It was a little after four Wednesday morning when Corozal Police responded to a distress call in the Santa Rita Heights in the Corozal District.

According to the brother of the deceased, around three this morning, he went to check on his brother, 38 year old Benito Puerto, a construction worker of vlcsnap-2014-09-04-06h00m57s237Corozal Town. Benito had arrived highly intoxicated the night before. Upon seeing that his brother was motionless and was not breathing he called the Corozal Police Department. Benito’s body was  transported to the Corozal Community Hospital where it was pronounced dead.

The brother of the deceased added that Benito Puerto had a drinking problem, and for the past two days he was under the influence of alcohol.

Police are awaiting post mortem results as investigation continues.

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